What to Do If Your Window Smashes

It can be frightening when a window in your home or property breaks. Not only is there a danger from the shattered glass, but you’re opened up to a whole new set of vulnerabilities – exposure to harsh weather conditions, interior damage from rain or wind, and the invitation for creatures to venture inside your home or business (animal or otherwise). Considering all this, you can see how a smashed window can become an emergency. Clear Choice Glass explains what you should do if a window breaks.

Clear the ground of broken glass

First things first – make sure nobody has been hurt. If a falling tree branch or other object has caused the smash, ensure that it is no longer a threat. If possible, remove the debris and clear the glass from the ground. This is especially important in homes where people are often barefoot, or pets may be roaming. We recommend sealing the broken glass in a tear-proof bag or an old box before putting it in the bin to prevent accidental cuts.

Carefully remove loose shards

If there are still jagged shards slotted into the window frame, carefully test if they’re loose and remove them. Wearing a pair of thick gloves (gardening gloves, for example) carefully wiggle the shard until it slides out from the frame. If the glass resists, leave it be – you’re likely to either hurt yourself or damage the frame trying to force it out.

Seal the open space

Once the floor is clear and you’ve removed as many of the remaining shards as you can, you need to seal up the space if there’s a delay getting a replacement window. Tarps usually work best as they are waterproof and can prevent cold winds from blowing in. Secure them with nails, hooks, or tape (if strong enough). For winter months, you might also want to insulate the tarp with old blankets or towels to keep warmth in and cold out.

Call the professionals for replacement

Replacing glass isn’t a DIY job – when you need a window or glass door replaced quickly, you need to call in the professionals. The experts at Clear Choice Glass are experienced in fitting new windows to the existing frames swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that you aren’t left vulnerable for too long.

Don’t leave your house exposed to the elements – when your window shatters or cracks, call the team at Clear Choice Glass on 0406 929 743

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