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ACEDOORS Fire & Security

is an Australian owned company focusing on professional advice when it comes to high quality doors, hardware, door seals, fire, and security doors. We aim to make easy the process when choosing doors and hardware for your next build or renovation project.
With over 20 years experience in the construction industry supplying fire-rated and non-rated doors and frames, management of installation from beginning to hand over. Servicing a vast variety of clienteles from schools, restaurants, shopping centres and industrial buildings, we now offer our expertise in retail with our showroom, showcasing Corinthian Doors, Vinco Architectural Hardware, Kilargo Integrity Architectural Seals and Safety Man Signage products. We provide a sales and installation package to suit your needs, so come see our friendly team about your next project.

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+ Is Acedoors an Australian owned company?
Acedoors is 100% an Australian family owned company with over 20 years in the door industry operating all over Sydney and the Central Coast
+ Does your products have warranty?
Yes. All our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we stand by them as we only supply the highest quality
+ Can Acedoors doors be trimmed or resized to fit a non- standard opening?
Yes, our products come at various standard door sizes to suit most entranceways. Most products allow a trim factor, which a carpenter can work with onsite prior to fitting the doors, for a seamless fit. Our custom-made orders allow us to manufacture your doors to your exact specifications, so it is not a problem if you have non-standard sized openings or entranceways.
+ What is the cost of delivery and lead time?
Our delivery cost is usually $100 but can differ if you are outside the Sydney Region. For local deliveries with our Doors and Hardware packages, it’s FREE. Lead time depends on the product ordered so it can take anywhere between 1 day to 30 days, but we can give you a timeframe when an order is placed
+ Can I refund a product?
All products are refundable if there is no damage or signs of wear and tear to the item
+ Are doors supplied pre-painted or stained?
Our doors come either raw, pre-primed, painted white of finished depending on the style of door or material

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